The Little Creative Workshop is Vicky Westmore, working with other talented independent people and companies on projects when needed. There aren’t big overheads to pass on to you, and you get the absolute best people for each and every project.

You also don’t need to do everything all at once. Get the foundations right first and then create campaigns from a solid base.

As luck would have it, integrated campaigns and communications (every marketing channel backing the other one up to deliver a clear message) are the best way to go and repurposing content (in different ways) is the most effective way to achieve this. Everything you do should work together and reinforce your brand.

What are good copywriting and marketing communications worth to you? They both build the foundations of what your customers and potential customers think about you and influence this every day. I know budgets are always tight but think about what you can afford to dedicate to that.

I can create a plan tailored to your budget. You are always in control of the purse strings.

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