Let’s look at what makes your company or organisation special – you might not even know the answer straight away.

What do your current messages, branding and marketing channels say about you? Do they hit the right notes with your customers and potential customers? Are they all on the same page when it comes to who you are as a business?

What do your customers say? If you don’t already gather feedback from customers, let’s get you started. It can be very simple to do and offers great insight – and it is marketing in itself. People like to feel important enough to be listened to.

What are you trying to achieve? More business, bookings, sales, of course; but let’s break it down so we can be smart about it. You tell me your business objectives and I’ll explain how good messaging and marketing can get you there.

Digital channels in particular offer an unprecedented insight into customer behaviour. Do you know which customers are most engaged with your communications and what they click on?

I can review your current communications and recommend messaging and marketing that is perfectly tailored to your objectives and customers.

Got all this sorted already and just need a hand with some specific tasks? No problem, take a look at what I can do or simply get in touch for a friendly chat.

What I can do