The little things count (and add up)

Regular coordinated creative communication will keep you at the forefront of your customers’ (and potential customers’) minds.

what_I_can_do_little_thingsYou don’t need to do everything: just the right things, at the right time, in front of the right people. It’s all about your audience, where they are and what they care about.

Here are some examples of things The Little Creative Workshop can do to benefit your business.

Your story

Your business in one line, a short paragraph and in fewer than 400 words. Get everyone singing from the same page with adaptable descriptions for any context. What is special about you? How does that tie in with what is important to your potential customers?

A strapline

This is not simply a description of what your company does. It should be short, memorable and appeal to the emotional side of decision making (a very powerful part – we are not as logical as we like to think). What springs to mind when people hear your company name?

Key messages

Why should people choose you? You should have a maximum of three key messages that you reinforce in all your communications (not simply repeat, but demonstrate in everything you do).

Blog posts and news articles

I have written on just about every topic you can think of. I just do a bit of research and ask you a couple of questions – then you can leave the writing to me. Blogs are great for SEO (search engine optimisation) and I write specifically with this in mind. I think about key search phrases for your customers, but keep good interesting content firmly at the heart (write for the customer, not the search engines, but it helps to know about both).


Blogs promote your expertise and your position as a brand and can be shared across multiple platforms (including email marketing and social media) to expand your audience and drive traffic to your website. You get a lot of marketing mileage out of every blog post. They live on your website too, so they keep giving you SEO benefits long after you’ve finished actively promoting them.

Your website

Every other channel links back to your website. It’s what people see when they search for you. Does it give the right impression? Can people find your site easily and then find their way around? Do they instantly think “great this is what I was looking for”. People decide this in seconds.

I have worked on a lot of websites for a lot of different businesses, inhouse and for clients, and bring both copywriting and marketing strategy to the projects. I can use WordPress, Drupal and most other content management systems. If you want to create a brand new website, I can work with the talented web designers I know or a website agency, depending on your budget. I can also help you write website briefs to ensure you get just what you want from your investment.

Marketing consultancy and strategy

It is really important that everything you do works together. My role before starting my own company was Head of Marketing leading a fantastic team. I can review your current position and create a full marketing plan, with a bespoke marketing approach for you and the best tactics to reach your customers and potential customers.  You can then choose to implement this yourself, with advice from me, or I can take this forward for you – or you can choose a mix of the two, depending on your skills and time.

Copywriting, copyediting and proofreading

Everything on this page involves these skills, but I can also provide copywriting (still influenced by marketing and SEO principles of course) to agencies and designers who have everything else covered and just need this specific skill for their projects. Or you might be someone that wants these skills for something you wouldn’t consider marketing, like a presentation or report (side note: everything is marketing). I’m very happy to be your copywriting right hand woman for your projects.

Campaign calendars

I can create a yearly calendar of integrated campaigns across channels mapped to key bookings times and objectives. We will look at relevant ‘hooks’ for you – this could be national celebration days or news coming up within your business.

Campaigns focused on a key area

Is there a specific area of your business or a specific time of year that could do with a boost? I can build an integrated campaign to focus on getting results where you need them most.

Email marketing

This should always be through an email platform, where beautifully designed professional emails that display well, including on mobiles, can be created. Delivering regular, targeted, interesting communications to your audience is a great way to keep people engaged with your brand. I can take the content for these emails completely off your hands, with idea creation, drafting copy and design.


You don’t have to pay for coverage in newspapers, radio and TV if you have an interesting story to tell. The reach and influence of the media is still huge, and it gives credibility because someone else is reporting on you. People know it isn’t an ad, so they attach the understanding that it is worthwhile to read about or watch. Nowadays this isn’t just limited to traditional press either, it’s about influencers – depending on your market, bloggers can be just as powerful. Get retweeted by the right person and it could be all you need. I can also create Q&As to prepare you for a media interview.

Social media

Social media fosters a sense of belonging to your brand. Good interesting content will always win over an overt sales message, especially on social media. I can create content for you to share.

You can boost the content with social media advertising to grow your audience too. It costs peanuts (about £20, compared to thousands for traditional ads in print, TV and radio) and they can be highly targeted (for example, “I want to reach all parents in Cambridge, aged 30-50, with an interest in music and education”). A call to action (for example ‘learn more’ or ‘book now’) links people directly to where you want them to be.


Printed promotional materials

I do think these are having a revival and are an important part of the package in a busy digital world. I can create new printed materials, such as brochures, leaflets, banners, flyers, signs, postcards, company merchandise and bespoke customer gifts. Don’t forget you can use the digital pdfs of brochures online and in your email marketing too. I plan and create great content and work with the great designers. If you are lucky enough to have a great designer already, I’d be very happy to work with them too.

When was the last time you kept the same email open on your desk for a week? Get creative and have a physical reminder of your company in someone’s eyeline for even longer than that.

Customer service communications and sales proposals

Everything you say and do creates an impression for your customers and potential customers. Are your sales emails in the right tone of voice? Do your proposals open doors for you? You can even turn a complaint on its head with the right attitude coming across. I can also provide objection handling FAQs for your sales team.

Internal communications

Your colleagues are very powerful. People trust their opinion as business insiders. They can either be the best brand advocates or they can do you a lot of harm (without even meaning to). Happy staff means happy customers too. This really can all be down to good communication, especially when it comes to communicating change.

Pick and mix options to suit all budgets

Contact me to have a friendly chat about what would work best for your business or organisation, or if you know what you want simply pick from the list and get in touch.

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