The art of marketing, without it feeling like marketing.

A very well-known marketing model follows these stages: Attention > Interest > Desire > Action (it’s called AIDA but remember acronyms are the enemy of clarity).

Now there are lots of ways to get attention, but to take someone through the stages to act (buy your product or service) you not only need to attract their attention for the right reasons, you need to keep them interested and you need to lead them to want what you are offering. I would say your choice of words in each of these stages is crucial.

Here is only one way we could do this with about 400 words (or fewer):

  • Create a great news article on a topic that will interest your customers and potential customers.
  • We make sure it contains key phrases that customers and potential customers search for.
  • Post it on your website, which will engage existing customers and help you find new ones through improved search engine results.
  • Post about it on all relevant social media channels, with links back to your website (using a trackable link).
  • ‘Boost’ the social media posts to reach new customers. Social media ads can be highly-targeted to reach the people you want to attract.
  • Send it out as part of a direct marketing email through Mailchimp, giving customers useful advice or resources, as well as promoting your product or service. People are much more likely to engage with you if you are providing something useful to them and it positions you as the expert in your field.
  • Adapt it for a press release and ‘pitch in’ the story to media or bloggers. This furthers your reach and has the benefit of implied endorsement from the media outlet covering the story.
  • Of course, we would track all of the above so we could follow up with the most interested people, providing more info or a promotion just for them.

That’s quite a lot of marketing mileage out of 400 words.

It’s also nice when your marketing activity just feels like excellent service and sharing something interesting with your customers, rather than a marketing exercise at all.

This is only one way words are powerful in marketing. Everything you say gives an impression about your company.

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