I love stories, good stories are remembered, good stories mean something to people.

Why do I think good copywriting is so important? It’s your story. It’s how you describe who you are, it’s how you talk to customers, it can persuade, it can explain, it can compel: and it’s undervalued.

Good copywriting can also do surprising things, like turn an unfortunate situation into something positive or change the mind of an unhappy customer.

Good writing is good conversation, only more so.
Ernest Hemingway

There are many different ways to say essentially the same thing in the English language, but the impression and the feeling customers get can be very different. What you say, and how you say it, will make or break any marketing activity you can think of.

Your tone of voice is your company’s personality – you already have one. People pick up on it instinctively. Is it the one you want?

The majority of our communications are now written down: emails, websites, social media, blog posts, news articles, customer letters, leaflets, brochures, factsheets, even invoices – just about everything other than picking up the phone or meeting someone in person. These days, people don’t often pick up the phone or meet someone in person, if at all, unless they’ve read something first: even if it’s just a few lines. Even if it’s just the sign outside.

Everything matters. Everything creates an impression.

You want the right impression and you want people to remember it.

The Little Creative Workshop can craft your message, your story, your brand. I love writing: it makes me happy. I will craft and craft until it is right.

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