What do you do? Now, what do you really do? Dig deeper.

Say you are a hairdresser: you sell a service cutting people’s hair. Ok, sure, but what are you really selling? That ‘just stepped out of the salon’ feeling, an escape from the stress of life, a new look for a fresh start? Understanding what really motivates your customers and what makes you special is key – I can help you with that.

That doesn’t mean marketing filled with cliché fluff about dreams, oh my goodness no, but understanding why your customers choose you and what they really get from your product or service can inform some great marketing.

It’s easy to forget about what your company does from your customers’ point of view, after all you know what you do day-to-day, but it is crucial.

You can use marketing to build up a picture of what people are interested in. You can use this to get better and better at promoting to them and even to come up with new ways to expand your business. Your customers won’t all be the same. The more relevant the marketing communication is to each individual the better the response.

Sure there is a distinction between business to business (B2B) marketing communications and marketing to direct consumers (B2C) but you are still reaching out to a person either way. What motivates them? What are you offering them? What will make their life better?

Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge.

Too many marketing people still just project sales messages – we are great, visit us now, buy this now, call us now, sell, sell, sell, blah, blah, blah. Do you like being shouted at, especially when that person never listens to you? As they don’t listen, they are also shouting about stuff that doesn’t really interest you and at a really inconvenient time too. Imagine how much energy they are wasting, while you walk away . . .

Now imagine you saw something that really interested you, perhaps an article called ‘One question every business owner should ask their customers’, just as you were sat down for your morning cuppa. You might have a quick look.

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