So, what’s my story?

Vicky_WestmoreI focused on language and people before consciously marketing. Good marketing shouldn’t scream “hey, listen, we are marketing to you!”, it should just tap into what’s important to your customers (and potential customers) and invite them in as a very welcome part of your brand.

There are many routes into marketing: I arrived through writing. I studied English at university, worked on magazines and newspapers, moved into marketing communications, then focused solely on PR for a year, and then worked across all marketing channels and managed a very successful small but mighty international marketing team (more on my 10 years’ professional experience here).

The role that led me to finally taking the plunge to realise my dream of starting my own company was this last one. I took over in very challenging times and successfully implemented a new marketing plan, new messages, new branding, new website, new brochures, new materials for the sales team and a new calendar of campaigns aligned to key booking times, which contributed to a huge increase in sales, week after week. When I left to start The Little Creative Workshop, they signed up as my first client. My former boss, the Sales & Marketing Director, has since moved on and signed me up straight away for his new venture.

Who I work with

The Little Creative Workshop is just me, Vicky Westmore, which means no big overheads to pass on to you, but I am lucky enough to know the top talents in their respective fields when we need them. I have an extended team of designers, photographers, printers, SEO experts, event specialists and more to help with your projects.

Not forgetting . . .

My creative walks companion, my rescue dog Higgins: we walk, we think, we get inspiration, and we never ever forget about the importance of all the little things.

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