Some tips you don’t usually see on these sort of lists, but ones I think are essential.


Being able to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes gives you insight into what motivates their decisions and it reminds you that at the end of everything you do there is a person. That person will decide if they want your product or your service, now and in the future, whether they decide just for themselves, or on behalf of a whole company.

Good copywriting

Most of our communication with companies is now written down. The impression you give about who you are, what you do, and even whether you care, all comes across in your writing: your emails, your proposals, your ads, your social media, your website, and even the sign outside. Make sure they are all on the same page and singing your praises.

Integrated campaigns

You can’t just do one thing, on one channel, once, and then wander off and wonder why marketing doesn’t work. Believe me it does, if you do it right. The relevant marketing channels for your customers need to be working together. This, coincidentally, is also the most cost-effective way to run your marketing.

Do the right thing

Seriously, if not it will come back to bite you. I am a firm believer in doing the right thing anyway, for its own sake, but for a business you cannot afford not to. There are now more channels than ever before for people to share their experiences and reviews, and you want all the good ones. Value your reputation, nurture it. It will not be easy to get back if you lose it.

Listen and adapt

The only thing that is consistent in language is change. When a language stops changing, it becomes purely academic, like Latin or Ancient Greek.
Oxford Dictionaries

I like this about language, a lot. It’s the same for marketing. The situation that you operate in changes, maybe your customers’ needs or wants change, maybe they have concerns that need addressing, maybe they want something new, maybe something you hear will spark off that next big idea.

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